New EPA Facility Emission Regs: Industry Update

Don Wolf

Principal, Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
03:00 PM EST
Cost(US$): $149.00
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Audio Conference Summary

This audio conference will:   

  • Provide key insights and analysis of proposed EPA Boiler Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) Rule &  Area Source Rule
  • Review MACT qualifying facility emission triggers and requirements of the proposed rules
  • Review potential cost and compliance impacts on US businesses
  • Discuss best practice benchmarking approach to evaluate resources, technology & emissions
  • Review strategic planning considerations, potential compliance exposures & options 
  • Review a case history of Boiler MACT compliance planning and implementation

The EPA’s new proposed Boiler MACT/Area Source rules will place a substantial cost burden on US businesses, big and small alike, in all industries, if implemented as currently published in the Federal Register. For many facilities, planning must begin now, prior to the rule being finalized in January 2011.

Industry professionals are aggressively seeking to understand these complex, proposed rules, and possible compliance costs, among other necessary strategic resources, and planning initiatives, that may be required to upgrade technology/facilities, in order to best maintain, monitor, and manage EPA reporting.

Just how these proposed rules apply to any given company varies depending on the current technology installed, and future emission levels. There are many questions – the answers to which can significantly impact your company’s near-term strategic planning, budgeting, environmental compliance and bottom line.

Our speaker, a leading air pollution compliance and control technology expert, who benchmarks, designs, and implements pollution control systems will share key insights, analysis, and best practices. So you can better understand and stay on top of pending new EPA regulations, allowing you to best assess the potential costs your company may face moving forward, and to strategically prepare your organization for the upcoming compliance challenges and financial investments, so you can best minimize the cost impact on your companies’ bottom line.

Who should attend:

  • Environmental Counsel SVP/VP/Director
  • Corporate Energy SVP/VP/Director
  • Environmental Compliance Management
  • Physical Plant/Facility Management
  • Air Pollution/Monitoring/ Environmental Resource Managers 
  • Owners/CEO/President Small to Mid-sized Manufacturing Companies
  • Environmental Health and Safety Management
  • Biomass Fuel Producers
  • Utility/Renewable Energy Managers
  • Federal/State/Municipal Energy Management/Planning & Engineering Staff
  • Paper & Pulp Mill Operations/Engineering/Environmental Management
  • Tribal Administrators, Council Members, Forestry Managers
  • College/University Physical Plant/Facility Management
  • Power Plant Chief/Supervisor/Managers
  • District Heating Management
  • Lobbyists
  • Public Interest Environmental Professionals
  • Federal, State and Local Environmental Compliance Staff
  • Environmental Engineers & Scientists
  • Environmental Educators and Specialists 
  • Environmental and Process Engineers
  • Environmental Consultants and Attorneys
  • Governmental and Public Affairs Specialists
  • Environmental Risk Management Officials 

Speaker Biography:

Don Wolf is a leading air pollution compliance expert, writer, frequent public speaker, and Principal with Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company, where he leads the firms Energy Global Practice group providing strategic advice and project management expertise to a broad spectrum of industry clients who emit Hazardous Air Pollutants.

Mr. Wolf has a bachelor and masters degree in mechanical engineering from the University of MissouriColumbia.

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